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Create Your Own Religion (Out of Someone Else’s): A Class Exercise

by Jospeh Laycock This semester I had the pleasure of conducting a grand experiment with my students that I have wanted to do for several years. My class ran a simulation in which we created eleven imaginary religious traditions and … Continue reading

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Call for Papers: Cultural History of the Study of Religion Group, The AAR and SBL Meeting Atlanta, Georgia November 21-24

Cultural History of the Study of Religion Group CFP Deadline: Monday, March 2 2015, 5:00 PM EST, through: “http://papers.aarweb.org/ Statement of Purpose: This group is devoted to historical inquiry into the social and cultural contexts of the study of religion and … Continue reading

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Reza Aslan’s Theory of Religion and Politics

by Simon Frankel Pratt * This post original appeared on the author’s blog. As talking heads in the media once again make problematic, ultra-general claims about Islam’s supposed essential bellicosity, or attribute to Islamic texts and practice the power to make … Continue reading

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The Problem with Belief

by Sean McCloud * This post originally appeared on the Practicum: Critical Theory, Religion and Pedagogy blog. “When that sick old mythology claimed you as its prize, you pulled the arrow out yourself but the poison’s still inside.” Mares of Thrace, … Continue reading

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