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Our Peculiar Institution: American Protestantism, Shame, and McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave (film review essay)

by Donovan Schaefer Warning: Spoilers but you kind of already know what happens Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave is mandatory viewing for Americans, unblinkingly revisiting a crucial and painful chapter in US history and helping to flesh out the … Continue reading

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ParaNorman: Shame, Zombies, Justice

By Donovan Schaefer Laika studio’s phenomenal animated film ParaNorman, like all good kids movies, works on several intellectual levels, delighting our children but also using the fairy tale genre to address thematic complexes with grown-up implications.  (What follows is a … Continue reading

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Profile Me: The Confederate Flag, Shame, and White Male Terror

In spring of 2011, Asra Nomani suggested that ethnic profiling of Muslim Americans was a legal and moral imperative given her community’s failure to adequately police itself.  A year later, she stepped forward and called for expanded surveillance inside her … Continue reading

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