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Field Notes: New AAR Program Unit Proposal – Comparative Approaches to Religion and Violence.

To foster interdisciplinary approaches to and comparative religion analyses in the study of religion and violence we are seeking AAR member signatures to support the creation of a new Program Unit:  “Comparative Approaches to Religion and Violence.” At the 2012 … Continue reading

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Religion as Foreign Policy: The Russian Orthodox Church, Syria, and the Christian Community

The New York Times recently reported that the Russian Orthodox Church is mirroring the political position of Russian president Vladimir Putin in its approach to the civil war in Syria: taking a hard-line stance in favor of the Syrian president, … Continue reading

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Religious Violence: Myth or Reality

There is an upcoming conference on “religious violence” at Dartmouth College that might be of interest to Bulletin readers and which will be open to the public. (I will be one of the speakers!) Click on the image for details:

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Religious Essentialism

I spend a good bit of time in my courses trying to disrupt religious essentialism: the idea that all practitioners in a religious tradition share some essence, that such an essence determines their behavior, or that their beliefs are the … Continue reading

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