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Why Paris Matters but Peshawar Does not: Moderate Muslims and the Invention of Disaster

by Sher Afgan Tareen On December 16th, nine members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e- Taliban killed one hundred and thirty-two students attending Army Public School at Peshawar, wiping out the entire 9th grade except one boy who overslept and fortuitously skipped … Continue reading

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Critical Theory and the Importance of Religious Studies

by Steven Ramey A common response to critical theory’s critiques of categories related to “religion” is that it undermines the rationale for the academic study of religion. If the categories do not exist, then what is the point of the … Continue reading

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Devotional Islamic Anti-Terrorism

By Summar Shoaib After Taliban militants kidnapped three Sikh men and beheaded one of them in Pakistan in 2010, Muhammad Khurshid Khan, the deputy attorney general of Pakistan, has taken up shining the shoes of worshipers at the Sikh Golden … Continue reading

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