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The Burden of Performance

By Deeksha Sivakumar How do I connect with the ancient world by performing in a modern world a play written many centuries ago? This past Friday, I performed the ancient playwright Bhāsa’s Karnabhāram, or “Karna’s Burden.”  Written well before the 5th Century, … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

By Steven Ramey Discussing the enforcement of shariah in Aceh, Indonesia, a student (at my home institution, the University of Alabama) asked how police would know if the rule-breaker was Muslim, since some claimed the law only applied to Muslims. … Continue reading

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Indian Child-Tossing Ritual and Selective Social Outrage

By Deeksha Sivakumar Which children should we save? On the one hand, the Bagalkot baby-tossing ritual has no recorded deaths and yet receives abhorrence. Audience members tweeted and emailed NDTV that they were appalled at the State’s lack of regulation … Continue reading

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Mrugasira Fish Therapy and Religious Authority in Contemporary India

By Deeksha Sivakumar In the urban city of Hyderabad, in the Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, there is an event that recurs every year around the time of the monsoon. Believers, religious adherents, entire families old and young, along … Continue reading

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