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A Plea to Critique the Pope’s Pity

by Tenzan Eaghll Since the election of Pope Francis I in March, 2013, the media has effectively given the Pope a free pass on account of his acts of pity. Bathing him in unquestioning acceptance, news agencies around the world … Continue reading

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The Return of the Nones

by Sean McCloud This week, NPR’s Morning Edition resurrected the October 2012 Pew Poll that suggested that 19.6% of Americans had no religious affiliation, dubbed them “nones,” and described this as a rising trend. The week-long radio series, “Losing Our … Continue reading

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The Complexities of Tebowing

While Denver Broncos’ quarterback, Tim Tebow, has drawn increasingly sharp criticism, satirical imitation, and downright scorn for his public displays of faith, as well as the emergent movement  he has inspired (note the picture of a young women “Tebowing” beside … Continue reading

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Finally Some Good News for Atheists and Agnostics – They Still Know More About Religion Than Their Religious Counterparts

It has been a torrid few years for thinking atheists and agnostics, having to be associated with the stridently confident, loud, and – quite frankly – downright embarrassing group known as the New Atheists. There is hardly a week goes … Continue reading

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