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On Byzantine Apocrypha and Erotapokriseis Literature

by Tony Burke This post originally appeared on the author’s blog. As I work through the contributions to the second volume of New Testament Apocrypha: More Noncanonical Scriptures, I am struck by how many of them are related to a … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Man-Breasts

by Deane Galbraith In contemporary Western society, an (imaginary) flat “chest” is marker of male gender; and round, spherical breasts are a marker of female gender. In the realm of the symbolic the everyday real breasts of men and women, with their assortment of different … Continue reading

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“The Zombies Are Coming!” An Interview with Kelly J. Baker on the Zombie Apocalypse

By Philip L. Tite Recently, our colleague here at the Bulletin, Kelly Baker, published a short ebook entitled, The Zombies Are Coming! The Realities of the Zombie Apocalypse in American Culture (Bondfire Books, 2013). In this readable and engaging book, … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Preppers

In an insightful online piece (that includes historical analysis from Bulletin contributor Cathy Gutierrez), we learn of “a growing subculture of Americans who refer to themselves informally as ‘preppers,”’ that is, folks stockpiling food and firearms alongside innumerable other supplies … Continue reading

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