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On the Economic Value of the Humanities

By Amod Lele I’ve been asked to expand on some brief comments I made a little while ago in a Facebook thread. They pertain to the institutional context of the humanities – including philosophy and especially religious studies – in … Continue reading

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Immodest Proposals, Unquestioned Answers

By Ian Brown In a recent and provocative essay entitled, “An Immodest Proposal for Biblical Studies,” James Crossley notes, Biblical Studies has not really generated unique methods and ought rather to be conceived as a field of study which utilizes methods … Continue reading

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Romanticizing the Qur’an

I recently saw this TED video over at Sociological Images. Although Sociological Images is one of my favorite blogs, there are serious problems with it, and I wish there had been some critical commentary in the post. Here are just … Continue reading

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Death by a Thousand Qualifications?

I recently posted this link to my Facebook page: I followed it with a series of qualifications. “Yes, this naturalizes sexual difference, normalizes heterosexuality, and reduces women (to some extent) to their genitalia. But it’s STILL FUNNY!” A friend of … Continue reading

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