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Giants of the Bible and their Reception – A new blog

I confess that I have a bit of an odd hobby on the side – monitoring the reception and effect of biblical Giants in contemporary culture. It’s a bigger topic than you might at first imagine. For all those with similar interests, I’m … Continue reading

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The Author of the Qur’an Revealed! And it’s you.

Suddenly the Qur’an is bubbling with ecological insights and environmental sensitivity: Islam teaches a deep love of the planet, because loving the planet means loving ourselves and loving our Creator. -Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the … Continue reading

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Why is it that “antipathy” sounds cool, but “antipathetic” sounds totally lame? I bet there is a pop band called “antipathy” but none called “antipathetic.” Why yes, that is so. Here’s one. And here’s another one: Indonesian anarcho-punk. And here’s a track called “Antipathy,” released on January … Continue reading

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The Author of the Bible Revealed! And it’s you.

Brian Malley is the author of How the Bible Works: An Anthropological Study of Evangelical Biblicism (AltaMira, 2004), and a key player in the midst of some innovative new anthropological studies examining Bible-reading communities. In a recent article, “Understanding the Bible’s Influence,” Malley … Continue reading

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Žižek’s (atheist) theology, IJŽS, arbitrarily grounded ethics

The International Journal of Žižek Studies has a new edition on Žižek’s (atheist) theology, guest edited by Marcus Pound: Vol 4, No 4 (2010). Jayne Svenungsson’s article caught my attention. She begins by rightly noting the tendency of Badiou and Žižek … Continue reading

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Can the SBL Council Unilaterally Remove the Same Benefits of Full Membership Previously Possessed by Student Members?

A surprise letter from John F. Kutsko, Chief Executive of the Society of Biblical Literature arrived in my email in-box today, 9 December 2010. It announced that the SBL Council, which purports to represent me as a member of the Society of Biblical … Continue reading

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The Most Embarrassing Book Meme

I’m joining in the current meme, at the provocation of Craig, who hasn’t ‘fessed up yet. The question is: what is the most embarrassing book on your shelf? Somebody gave me Holy Blood and the Holy Grail a few years … Continue reading

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