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Laptops and theory in the Religious Studies classroom

Do you let your students bring their laptops to class? Personally, I’m torn. I love gadgets and hate to sound like a Luddite, but most of the research I’ve seen — not to mention my own experience — suggests that … Continue reading

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“Because he is Jewish he can talk smack about other Jews”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the weirdest religion news story you missed last month was the so-called “Jewish scandal that wasn’t” (as it was labeled by the National Post of Toronto). Here’s the scenario: … Continue reading

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Picture Book: Rick Perry at The Response

If you follow the U.S. Republican presidential candidates, you’ll remember that back in early August of this year, Texas Governor Rick Perry addressed a large prayer meeting in Houston’s Reliant Center. The event, called “The Response: A Call to Prayer … Continue reading

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“A softening of religiosity” in America

In a two-week-old Associated Press story, Mark Chaves is quoted at length as saying that a “decline,” or at least a “softening,” is concealed behind the apparent resurgence in American religion over the past few decades. Chaves, a sociologist of … Continue reading

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Now that we know the Norwegian killer was a Christian and a white male, which storyline are we more likely to see in the media?

Option one: Lots of stories asking, “Is Christianity inherently violent? Is Christianity compatible with democracy and civil society?” Option two: Lots of descriptions of the killer’s pathological tendencies, violent inclinations, and eccentric habits, showing that he was a dangerous madman … Continue reading

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The Most Embarrassing Book Meme (a guest post from Russ McCutcheon)

[The indispensable Russell T. McCutcheon has sent us his own version of the Embarrassing Book Meme. It’s a long one — brace yourself. Russ’s text and photos follow, verbatim. — Ed.] When I got Craig Martin’s invitation to contribute to … Continue reading

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Theological punctuation?

What do you think? Clever use of punctuation to make a pithy, postmodern, metatheological comment? Or something else? Via The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks. UPDATE: If anyone’s curious, this appears to be the Ellis Theatre in Perryton, Texas. A … Continue reading

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