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God of the (Consciousness) Gap: Religious Experience between Waking and Sleeping

by Adam J. Powell This post first appeared on What if I told you that last night I was visited by an angel whilst lying in bed? What if I could provide specific details, like that there were diffuse light and … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Religion Syllabus?: Joshua Patterson

In this series with the Bulletin, we ask scholars of religion to share with our readers what’s in their religion syllabus, from a new class or a class they’ve taught for years, reflecting on what has worked, what has been … Continue reading

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Call for Papers: Ethics in Comedy

Edited by Steven A. Benko What makes a joke right or wrong? When is it good or bad to laugh? The rights and wrongs of a joke can be expressed in political terms: a joke is politically incorrect or it … Continue reading

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”Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine”: Reflections on the European Academy of Religion

by Teemu Taira Have you seen the recent conference announcement by the European Academy of Religion (EuARe)? If you haven’t, I would strongly suggest that you have a look at the list of announced keynotes for the conference that takes … Continue reading

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When White Supremacists Come To Town

by Rebekka King This post originally appeared on the Wabash Center blog. Editor’s note: While this post initially appeared on October 26, just prior to a white supremacists rally in both Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, its on-going implications remain as relevant … Continue reading

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Theses on Professionalization: Jennifer Collins-Elliott

Thesis #11. While higher education is organized so as to train ever increasing specialists–a process that begins with surveys and broad course work, examines candidates on their knowledge in general areas, and then culminates in writing a dissertation on a … Continue reading

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In the Weeds with David (S.) Pumpkins: Sociophobics and the Social Breakdown of Horror

by Natasha L. Mikles It’s my favorite time of year—when everything is draped in orange and black, skeleton décor abounds, and little children dressed as superheroes run amok in big-box stores. During the month leading up to Halloween, we welcome … Continue reading

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