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Scholarship From The Road: Belief, Practice and the Story of Andal

By Deeksha Sivakumar “The women of Ayodhya run eagerly to see the procession to Sita’s house… their hair fell loose, open on all sides, their waist girdles come undone, they do not even stop to cover their breasts… as they … Continue reading

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Scholarship From The Road: Archaeology and Vandalism at the Sea of Galilee

By Alyssa Beall Earlier this summer, I had the unexpected opportunity of participating in an archaeological dig on the Sea of Galilee.  Before two weeks of early, early mornings and hot days on our dig site, we had about a … Continue reading

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Rhetoric, Rites and Repentance: Some Thoughts on the Chris Hayes Affair

By Matt Sheedy On the Memorial Day Weekend edition of his show, Up with Chris Hayes, the MSNBC host posed a question that is rarely asked on mainstream television: when speaking of war and remembrance, what does the word “hero” … Continue reading

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Hollywood Images as Religious Resources

Towards the end of her fine essay in Mark C. Taylor’s Critical Terms for Religious Studies, Margaret R. Miles distinguishes between icons used in some Christian traditions (e.g., Eastern Orthodox) and the images of contemporary film. The latter, she argues, … Continue reading

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Klansmen, Zombie Apocalypses, and End Times Narratives: Or, an Afternoon with Kelly J. Baker

Kelly Baker is a Lecturer of Religious Studies and American Studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In the following interview, Baker discusses her recent book, Gospel According to the Klan (University Press of Kansas, 2011), which, as her UT … Continue reading

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Scholarship From The Road: Southern India

By Deeksha Sivakumar I am currently in South India, conducting pre-dissertation fieldwork on some of the dolls commonly used in Bommai Golu. Golu is a tiered arrangement of dolls used to commemorate the South Indian version of the an annual … Continue reading

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“You Can’t Reason with a Crazy Person”: The Un-politics of American political discourse

By James Dennis LoRusso Were you to travel one segment of the Eisenhower Expressway in Illinois this morning, you might discover a curious billboard.  The display features a mugshot of Ted Kaczynski, the self-confessed “Unabomber,” coupled with the question, “I … Continue reading

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