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Can an Atheist Believe in God?

By Steven Ramey My last post generated an extended exchange with a colleague who has rightly pushed me concerning my disavowal of judging identity claims. My colleague suggested, for example, that someone who believes that Jesus is the Son of … Continue reading

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Acts of Imagination

  By Kenneth G. MacKendrick Religion: “While there is a staggering amount of data, of phenomena, of human experiences and expressions that might be characterized in one culture or another, by one criterion or another, as religious – there is … Continue reading

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From Cognitive Theory of Religion to Religious Cognition

By Kenneth MacKendrick The discourse on sui generis religion, as outlined by Russell McCutcheon is one that deemphasizes difference, history, and sociopolitical context in favor of abstract essences and homogeneity, characterized by the supposed uniqueness and autonomy of religion. While … Continue reading

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Yoga and the Question of Religious Identity

By Deeksha Sivakumar Is yoga Hindu? Both categories (yoga, Hindu) are, of course, highly problematic on both conceptual and historical grounds. If we were to ask whether yoga is Indian, more people may feel comfortable answering in the affirmative, though … Continue reading

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Religion / not religion – a discourse analysis

By Suzanne Owen In the study of indigenous religions, one of the issues a scholar faces is the gap between self-representation and scholarly classification, particularly with regard to the concept of ‘religion’. So how does the scholar of religion approach … Continue reading

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What’s belief got to do with it?

By Kelly Baker “They don’t really believe that, do they?” is a refrain that I find familiar, expected and, frankly, tiring. As someone who researches white supremacists and doomsday prophets, I should be used to it. The query confronts me … Continue reading

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“There is no honor in handbooks,” or is there?

By Cathy Gutierrez Achilles may have measured his kleos—his fame—through both noble and treacherous displays of bravery on the battlefield, but for modern day academics I think it can be measured in the degree of one’s handbook ennui.  Being asked … Continue reading

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