Announcing Bulletin Book Reviews!

The editors of the Bulletin for the Study of Religion are delighted to announce that we are launching a new book review project. Although the Bulletin has not had a traditional book review section, it has published review essays and panels of articles on significant books in the field (and, on occasion, we’ve done the same with significant articles). Given the amount of scholarship currently being published and the more critical and theoretical perspective that the Bulletin—and NAASR more broadly—can bring to bear on that scholarship, we decided to launch this exciting new online project.

Our inaugural book review editor is Adam Miller (University of Chicago), who has been working with Matt Sheedy over the past year as co-editor of the blog (and we are thrilled that Stacie Swain has now joined Matt on the blog). Adam’s experience with the Bulletin’s blog will be invaluable as we plan to first publish reviews on the blog and then, in the future, on a second Bulletin website dedicated specifically to reviews. Adam will also be working with me on developing more extensive review essays and panels on key books to appear in the journal.

The Bulletin’s online book review section will be an open access resource. Our publisher, Equinox, has furthermore generously offered to allow readers free access to reviews appearing in other Equinox journals in the field of religious studies. Thus, the Bulletin will become an access point and a repository for a range of reviews in our field—in a sense, a data collection for theorizing the field of religious studies as mirrored through not only books being reviewed but also reviews reflecting scholarly critiques of those books. Even now, readers can use the free Equinox Bulletin/Religion App to read many reviews and Bulletin articles (as well as further content and links to blogs) from the publisher. Our new review section will be working in collaboration with the new App.

We invite academic publishers, series editors, and individual scholars to suggest books to be reviewed by the Bulletin. And we encourage scholars, including graduate students, to jump in and volunteer to write reviews for us. All correspondence should be directed to Adam Miller at [email protected].



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