Highlighting NAASR Research! A Call for Submissions


As a publication affiliated with the North American Association for the Study of Religion (NAASR), and published by Equinox, the Bulletin for the Study of Religion wants to highlight recent and forthcoming publications by NAASR members, especially books and articles that engage theoretical and methodological insights into the academic study of religion. Although a small academic association, NAASR has long had an aggressive publishing program—including, of course the Bulletin, Method & Theory in the Study of Religion, and the “Key Thinkers” book series–, but NAASR is also comprised of a number of dynamic scholars who are restless in their attempts to shape and direct the academic study of religion, specifically attempts to increase the critical or theoretical study of religion. Through textbooks, monographs, edited books, or scholarly articles (along with online contributions), our members have promoted not just the study of religion but, more importantly, the critical study of religion.

The Bulletin, both in print and through our blog presence, wishes to highlight many of those works and, therefore, we encourage members to contact us with recent publications. We are hoping to not only publish review essays (we have one in the works for Theory in a Time of Excess, a collection arising from the 2015 NAASR annual meeting) and summary presentations (ideally for the blog), but also critical engagements with NAASR member publications. We want to keep the conversation going in the pages of the Bulletin, to challenge and debate, to extend and refine, and to add and correct scholarly positions being advocated.

Please contact the editor, Philip Tite ([email protected] or [email protected]), if you would like the Bulletin to highlight your work!

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