Religion, Media and Culture Group CFP: American Academy of Religion Annual Conference, San Antonio, 2016


The Religion, Media, and Culture Group invites individual presentations, paper/multimedia research presentation sessions, and roundtable proposals on the following themes:

1) Media, Secularity/Non-religion, and the Performance of Secularities (possible co-sponsorship)

2) Religion in digital spaces

3) Religion, Data Mining, Digital Capitalism and/or Surveillance and Drones

4) Academics in New Media and Public Engagement in Non-Traditional Forums

5) Media, Gender, Legislated Morality, and Public Policy in Texas (possible co-sponsorship)

6) Animals as Media, Religion, and Affect (Internet cat videos/Twitter cats and cats memes as religio-political expression and/or critique [e.g., Brussels Twitter cats]; virtualized animals in commercial media displays and the impact on animal conservation [e.g., virtual whales/dolphins replacing wild animals at Sea World, etc.]; and epistemologies of animal media representations). (possible co-sponsorship)

We are particularly interested in session proposals and presentations that break from traditional paper-reading formats and encourage panels that propose innovative ways to develop collaborative conversation.

Hint for proposals to our unit: When discussing media, actually use media. Make your use of media clear in your proposal, please. We discourage read papers not accompanied by some sort of audio/visual assistance in communicating scholarly material to the audience.

For questions regarding the AAR’s Religion, Media and Culture group and this CFP, Andrew Aghapour [email protected] and Sarah Taylor-McFarland  [email protected].

RMC’s Call for Papers is available as a PDF.

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