Comparative Approaches to Religion and Violence Panels and Receptions, 2015 AAR, Atlanta


SATURDAY: 1PM- 3:30PM: “Children, Religion, and Violence.”

Hyatt-Harris (Atlanta Conference Level)

Chair: Philip Tite

Respondent: Sarah Iles Johnston

  1. Joel LeMon, Emory University

“Violence Against Children and Girls in the Reception History of Psalm 137”

  1. Diane Fruchtman, Washington and Lee University

“Instructive Violence: Educated Children as Victims and Aggressors in Late Antique

Latin Martyr Poetry”

  1. Paul Middleton, University of Chester

“‘Suffer little children’: Child-sacrifice, martyrdom, and Jewish and Christian identity


  1. Michael Heyes, Rice University

“‘Like an Innocent Lamb’: Accusations of Ritual Murder in English Martyrological


  1. Susan Ridgely, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

“When Pain Becomes Symbolic of Commitment: The Practice of Spanking among

Adults and Children Who Use Focus on the Family Childrearing Literature”


SATURDAY: 4PM – 6:30PM: “Ethnographic Approaches to Religion and Violence.”

(Business Meeting after the panel)

Hyatt-Dunwoody (Atlanta Conference Level)

Chair: Michael Jerryson

  1. Ryan Williams, University of Calgary

“Islam and violence in UK maximum security prisons: An ethnographic approach”

  1. Amarnath Amarasingam, Wilfrid Laurier University

“Foreign Fighters in Syria: Understanding the Whys and the Hows”

  1. James Ponniah Kulandai Raj, University of Madras

“Communal Violence in India: Exploring Strategies of its Provocation and Resolution in Contemporary Times”

  1. Grisel Oliva, Florida International University

“The Paradox of Ordination and Religious Nationalism: Theravada Buddhist Female Monastics and the 969 Movement in Burma”

  1. Iselin Frydenlund, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo

“Buddhist militarism beyond texts: the importance of ritual during the Sri Lankan civil war”



CARV is co-sponsoring a reception for the journal Critical Research on Religion at Meehan’s Public House (200 Peachtree St). Open bar and appetizers provided.



CARV is co-sponsoring a reception for the Journal of Religion and Violence at the Westin-Peachtree Imperial Suite (69th Floor).

Viennese desserts, appetizers, wine, and gourmet coffee provided.


SUNDAY: 3PM – 4:30PM: “Religion, Law, and Violence: Comparative Approaches to the Critique of Humanitarianism, Intervention, and War.”

Marriott-M106-107 (Marquis Level)

Chair: Henrik Syse

Respondent: Nathan French

  1. John Corrigan, Florida State University

“Religious Violence and American Foreign Policy”

  1. Troy Mack, Pace University

“The Atrocities of Carl Schmitt: Issues for Law, Religion, and Humanitarian Intervention”

  1. Gregory Reichberg , University of Oslo

“The Relation of Just War to International Law: Two Competing Catholic Approaches”


TUESDAY: 9am – 11:30AM: “Religion, Violence, and the Social Imaginary.”

Marriott-International 3 (International Level)

Chair: Margo Kitts

  1. Christian Green, Emory University

“Questionable Martyrdom: Contemporary Disputes over Its Nature and Scope”

  1. Kelly Denton-Borhaug, Moravian College

“Is It Sweet to Die? Sacrificial Rhetoric and Discipline in U.S. Ways of War”

  1. Sharmin Sadequee, Michigan State University

“‘Guantanamo North’: Communications Management Units (CMU) and Questions of Disjuncture and Violence”

  1. James G. Kroemer, Concordia University, Wisconsin,

“’Fight for the Cause of Christ’ -Bernard of Clairvaux’s Rationale for Sacred Violence”

  1. Elizabeth Margaret Bounds, Emory University and Georgette Ledgister, Emory University

“Priests and Practices: Religion as a Social Imaginary for War and Sustainable Peace in Liberia”

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