Call for Papers: Redescribing Early Christianity, The SBL Annual Meeting Atlanta, Georgia, November 21-24

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Call for Papers: Redescribing Early Christianity. The SBL Annual Meeting Atlanta, Georgia,  November 21-24

Deadline:  Thursday, March 5, 2014, 5:00 PM EST, through

Call for Papers:

The Redescribing Early Christianity unit is organizing two sessions that address issues associated with the concept of time. One session will focus on the ways that early Christians used time—construed broadly—as a strategy of mythmaking. Potential topics include studies related to anachronism, chronology, and genealogy. A second session will attend to the ways that scholars have dealt with the concept of time as found in the ancient sources, asking what has been at stake in the study of time and considering how a redescription of the data would move the field forward. We seek papers that address and redescribe any aspect of the concept of time as it relates to the study of early Christianity. Abstracts that utilize social, cognitive, or evolutionary theories, as well as papers that incorporate theoretical and/or methodological work from other fields of study, are particularly welcome. Please note that both sessions will be conducted in seminar-style format, meaning that papers will be pre-circulated in late October or early November and then discussed in greater detail in Atlanta.

Questions or requests to be on the mailing list for pre-circulated papers may be sent to William Arnal ([email protected]) or Erin Roberts ([email protected]).


To propose a paper to Redescribing Early Christian Origins:

If you are a SBL member, login on to submit a proposal for this session.  

For all other persons wanting to propose a paper, please communicate directly with the program unit chairs. Chairs have the responsibility to make waiver requests, and their email addresses are available above. SBL provides membership and meeting registration waivers only for scholars who are outside the disciplines covered by the SBL program, specifically most aspects of archaeological, biblical, religious, and theological studies.

Program Unit Chairs

William E. Arnal [email protected]

Erin Roberts  [email protected]

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