Announcing New Masters Program in History of Christianity

Maynooth College

St Patrick’s College

Taught Masters



One Year (Full-Time), Two Years (Part-Time) (in collaboration with the Department of History and the Department of Early Irish, NUI Maynooth, and the John Paul II and Russell Libraries).

1. Offers a comprehensive critical overview of the evolution of Christian thought and practice over two millennia.

2. Explores the general principles necessary for understanding the history of the Christian Church (first semester) and their application in the context of Britain and Ireland (second semester).

3. Offers students opportunities to visit, view and research relevant texts from the rich and unique collections of holdings housed in the John Paul II and Russell Libraries on campus, some of which date from as early as the eleventh century. These collections will form an integrated element in most of the taught modules, affording students ample opportunity to explore potentially rich areas for original research in their end-of-year  dissertations.

Evenings: Monday (6pm-8pm), Wednesday (6pm-9pm)

Requirements: The successful completion of five modules over two semesters (full-time) or over four semesters (part-time) and a 15,000 word thesis on an agreed topic. Modules on offer include:
• History of Christian Thought (24 hours)
• History of Christian Practice (24 hours)
• Research Methodologies and Thesis Preparation (12 hours)
• The Writing of Church History from the Reformation to the 20th century (24 hours)
• Religious Life in Ireland: Archival and Historical Perspectives (24 hours)
• “Isle of Saints and Scholars”? The Literary Culture of Early Medieval Ireland (24 hours)

Entry Requirements:
Applicants should normally possess a recognized primary degree in Theology or a related discipline (for example, History) and have obtained at least a Second Class Honours, Grade II. In exceptional cases, applicants who can satisfactorily demonstrate a long-standing interest in the subject, coupled with proven relevant experience, will also be considered. An interview will form part of the selection procedure. Students whose first language is not English will be required to satisfy the relevant English language requirements.

Fees for Academic Year 2014-15: TBC. (expected to be around €5,000 p.a. full-time)
Closing date for submission of completed application forms: 1st June. Late applications will be considered.

Programme Director:
Prof. Salvador Ryan, Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Faculty of Theology, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. Tel: 01-7083972. Email: [email protected]

For further information contact the Admissions Office, Pontifical University, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. Tel: 01 7084772 Email: [email protected] Web:

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