Redescribing Early Christianity: Call for Papers for the 2014 AAR/SBL in San Diego, Nov. 22-25


Redescribing Early Christianity

The AAR and SBL Meeting San Diego California, November 22-25

Deadline March 1, 2014

Call For Papers (PDF)

The Redescribing Early Christianity seminar seeks proposals for the 2014 Annual Meeting that mesh with the seminar’s agenda of providing significantly re-imagined descriptions and theoretically-informed explanations of “Christian” data and relevant comparanda from the first three centuries of this era.

One session will be devoted to evolutionary and cognitive approaches, while the other will focus on theories related to social formation and social practice. We especially encourage papers that focus on large-scale theories, relating “Christian” materials to broader patterns of human behavior, as well as papers that do not assume the self-evident and monolithic identity of a reified “Christianity.”

For both sessions, we anticipate a combination of invited papers and open submissions. Note that papers are to be predistributed, and only summarized, not read in their entirety, at the meeting itself.

Program Unit Chairs

William Arnal       [email protected]

Erin Roberts             [email protected]

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