Sociology of Religion Group Call for Papers for the 2014 AAR in San Diego


Sociology of Religion Group

The AAR and SBL Meeting San Diego California  November 22-25

Deadline: Monday, March 3, 2014, 5:00 PM EST through PAPERS

Call for Papers (PDF): 

The Sociology of Religion Group (SOR) provides a forum for the discussion of empirical and theoretical research on religion and society. “Sociology” is broadly conceived; discussions will include different epistemologies, varying theoretical backgrounds, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and a wide range of empirical data. SOR liaises with other program units to provide a platform for research that empirically and theoretically engages the question of the role of religion in societies globally.

Units of observation in sociology and religion: “belief(s),” “experiences”, “spirituality”, “sacred,” and “things deemed special”: from the 1990s there has been a trajectory of discussion about base units of observation in sociological studies of religion. Neitz and Spickard, McRoberts, Taves, Latour and Lynch: discuss and deploy in original research.

Sociology of Islam: With the 2013 launch of the journal, The Sociology of Islam, this subfield has a new platform: SOR welcomes proposals for original sociological research on Islam.

Sociology, ritual, and religion (cosponsored with the Ritual Studies Group): We seek proposals on “Interaction Rituals” and the organization of social relations.

Heterogeneity within the nones (for a possible cosponsored session with the Secularisms and Secularity Groupthe Religion and the Social Sciences Section; and  the Religious Conversions Group) We welcome papers that rely on original research to explore the heterogeneity of the religiously unaffiliated with a particular interest in the varieties of non-theism.

Sociology, religion, and the environment: With the 2014 presidential theme of environmental change we solicit submissions on sociology, religion, the environment and, or ecology.

Foundational and contemporary scholarship in sociology and religion: We ask that proposals rethink and apply the foundational or contemporary literature in sociology and religion or apply general sociological scholarship to the study of religion: DuBois, Simmel, Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Goffman, Willis, McRobbie, Hall, Gilroy, Neitz, Spickard, Patillo, Riesebrodt, McRoberts, Wuthnow, Bender, Cadge, Smilde and Levitt, etc.

SOR welcomes proposals and panels on other topics within sociology and religion; open submissions should clearly delineate use of sociological theory, methods, and relevant ties to existing sociological secondary literature on the topic proposed. SOR and the Religion, Media, and Culture Group recognize media to be common ground for our constituencies we have and will continue to evaluate collaboratively submissions marked for either or both groups.



E-mail with Attachment (proposal is in attachment, not in body of e-mail)

Process: Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members during review, but visible to chairs prior to final acceptance or rejection.



Ipsita Chatterjea, [email protected]

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