Now Published – Bulletin for the Study of Religion 42.3 (September 2013)

Bulletin Sept CoverThe September issue of the Bulletin has been published and is available in both print and electronic versions. Below is the table of contents of this issue. This issue focuses on the topic of religion and humor. We have a range of articles, covering humor in South Park, Woody Allen, satirical comedy directed toward to the Creation Museum, and “parody” religions. Two responses are offered, one with a strong theoretical focus while the other engages pedagogical uses of humor in the religious studies classroom. Finally, we have an interview with one of our contributors along with a helpful bibliographic resource for those wishing to engage the topic of religion and humor.

As always, we welcome submissions for future issues – including responses to published articles – from established scholars and graduate students engaged in the study of religion (regardless of discipline). Our guidelines are available online.

Table of Contents

Bulletin for the Study of Religion Volume 42, Issue 3 (September 2013)

“When is a Laugh Just a Laugh? Never” (p. 1) – Kelly J. Baker, Co-editor of the Bulletin

“Cowards, Critics, and Catholics: The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. South Park, and the Politics of Religious Humor in the United States” (p. 2-11) – David Feltmate, Auburn University of Montgomery

“Baal Sham Tov: Woody Allen’s Hassidic Tale-Telling” (p. 11-19) – Jennifer Caplan, Rollins College

“Laughing Matters: ‘Parody Religions’ and the Command to Compare” (p. 19-26) – Joseph Laycock, Piedmont Virginia Community College

“‘I Needed to Go to this Tabernacle of Ignorance’: Marc Marion’s Critique of the Creation Museum” (p. 27-31) – Jerry C. Jaffe, Lake Erie College

“‘And Take Your Invisible Friends with You’: Atheist Comedy and Religious Conversation (May Contain Offensive Language)” (p. 32-36) – Douglas E. Cowan, University of Waterloo

“A Buddhist, a Christian, and an Atheist Walk into a Classroom: Pedagogical Reflections on Religion and Humor” (p. 37-42) – Ken Derry, University of Toronto Mississauga

“Humor and Religion: An Interview with David Feltmate” (p. 43-46) – Matt Sheedy, University of Manitoba

“Religion and Humor: A Bibliography” (p. 47-48) – David Feltmate, Auburn University of Montgomery

“Field Notes: News and Announcements in the Discipline” (p. 49-51)

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