Bulletin Blog Call for Contributors

The Bulletin’s Blog is currently looking for new contributors that add to its roster.

The Bulletin posts pieces that address questions of religion in general, particularly issues dealing with the history of the field, method and theory and pedagogical practices. Typical posts cover diverse religious traditions but are distinguished by their social scientific methods (e.g., historical, sociological, anthropological, cognitive scientific) or critical theory apparatus (i.e., post-colonialist, post-structuralist, neo-marxist). The Bulletin is unique in that it offers a forum for various academic voices to debate and reflect on the ever-changing state of the field, while engaging current events and theoretical problems while asking meta-level questions at the leading edge of inquiry. With our recent affiliation with the North American Association for the Study of Religion (NAASR), we aim to further develop our ties with these diverse yet critical approaches.

Typical posts range from 500-1000 words and offer a place to engage questions in the study of religion in an interactive on-line forum, while providing scholars an opportunity to reach a broader audience in a timely fashion.

We welcome not only established scholars in the field to write for us, but strongly encourage PhD. students to contribute as regular blog writers.  If you have an interest in contributing please contact the blog editor, Matt Sheedy, at [email protected]

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