Pedagogical Exercises and Theories of Practice

We are pleased to announce a new issue of the Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory on “Pedagogical Exercises and Theories of Practice.” Bringing together scholars from philosophy, theology, the study of religion, and anthropology, this issue examines both the politics of the classroom and the pedagogy of scholarship.

The first part of the issue contains interviews with John D. Caputo, Mark C. Taylor, and Sarah Coakley by former students. These wide ranging conversations delve into many of the fundamental challenges that universities and professors face today (looking at technology, professionalization, secularity, erotic desire, and spiritual practice among many other topics).

The other three parts of the journal contain essays that seek to examine, transform, and revolutionize the activities of writing and teaching (with contributions from Philip Goodchild, Karmen MacKendrick, Clayton Crockett, Joseph Ballan, Joe Blosser, Brian Britt, Rich Cochrane, T. Wilson Dickinson, Angie Heo, Rebecca Todd Peters, and William Robert). These essays treat figures stretching from Ranciere, to Geertz, to Augustine, to Kierkegaard, to Butler, to Hegel. In addition to having an interdisciplinary approaches, these parts also have a multidisciplinary scope, as a wide variety of pedagogical exercises are both employed and considered—extending from recitation, reading, writing, service, reflection, ethnography, translation, collaboration, and performance.

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