Proposal submission policy specification for CTDR, SOR, CHSR and STAR (2013-2015)-AAR Annual Meeting

Proposal Submission Policy for Cultural History of the Study of Religion Group, Critical Theories and Discourses on Religion Group, Sociology of Religion Group and the Social Theory and Religion Cluster 2013-2015 –  American Academy of Religion.

Dear Members of the AAR, SBL:

To announce formally and otherwise clarify the submissions policy for the Social Theory and Religion Cluster from 2013-2015, we ask that for each individual submission (paper or panel) that the person submitting pick either Critical Theories and Discourses on Religion (CTDR), Sociology of Religion (SOR) or Cultural History of the Study of Religion (CHSR).

This leaves you free to submit jointly to a unit outside of the cluster if you so choose. There is no need to submit directly to the Social Theory and Religion Cluster or jointly to two units within the cluster. Where the proposal is responsive to a joint line in the call for papers it will be clear to the designated program unit.

Please note from this single submission to a single unit (CTDRSOR, or CHSR) that these program units will collaborate to review proposals. The designated program unit will have and retain primary consideration but this will leave open the capacity for the paper or panel to be accepted by either of the other two units if its a better fit with panels in development for the meeting.

To find a panel berth for all strong work submitted to CHSRCTDR and SOR was an independently shared objective among CHSRCTDR and SOR prior to the cluster and will remain so even after 2015.

This policy leaves the units the greatest flexibility to accommodate as many submissions through the PAPERS system as possible.

We remind you that the deadline for submission for the AAR Annual Meeting is March 4, 2013.

The word limit for all AAR proposals for the Annual Meeting is 1000 words (text and references).


 Randall Styers (CHSR),  Ipsita Chatterjea (SOR) and William Arnal (CTDR)

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