The Worst Book Cover in Religious Publishing Awards 2012

Religion Bulletin would like to open nominations for
The Worst Book Cover in Religious Publishing Awards 2012.

You have until January 31, 2013 to nominate a book. Nominations are open to any persons, for any book published since January 1, 2011 and not previously accepted as a nomination. You may either nominate a book for our supreme award, The Worst Book Cover in Religious Publishing, or for one of the specialist categories:

  • The Worst Book Cover in Academic Religious Publishing Award
  • The Most Unethical Book Cover in Religious Publishing Award

This is the third year of these awards – and nominations are already pouring in:

Nomination 1: Bishop Lloyd U. Nsek, Sr, Christianity: The End of Spiritual Confusion: Transform Your Zeal for God Into Knowledge of the Christ: Tread on Religious Scorpions and Serpents Today (2012)

What confusion Bishop Nsek manages to eradicate in the spiritual realm, he certainly manages to make up for with his cover art. His masterpiece includes no less than three subtitles:

Christianity: The End of Spiritual Confusion

Nomination 2: The book cover for Dennis Dunn II’s God’s Got This (2012) makes all those Photoshop night classes worthwhile. But what are the three spikes coming out of the man’s chest?

God’s Got This

Nomination 3: Lucy Kelly, He Van Sent. Book One of The Nephilim (2012). This one – a novel in the popular fallen angel subgenre – is surely going to be hard to beat:

He Van Sent

Nomination 4: Ella LeBain, Who’s Who in the Cosmic Zoo? A Spiritual Guide to ETs, Aliens, Gods & Angels. Book One (2012). Finally, the book we’ve all been looking for:

Who’s Who in the Cosmc Zoo?

Please get your own nominations in by January 31, 2013 by submitting them in the comments section below!

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