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“New Religious Movements” as an Interpretive Category

Typically, when we think of New Religious Movements (NRMs), our gaze is directed to the relatively small number of traditions that cluster at the fringes of the contemporary religious landscape (e.g., the Church of Scientology, International Raelian Religion, Heaven’s Gate, … Continue reading

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Well-intentioned Descriptions

By Steven Ramey The recent attack on the Sikh gurdwara in Wisconsin brought to mind the hospitality that I have enjoyed over the past decade from communities across the Southeast who identify as Sikh. This notion of hospitality has been … Continue reading

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Appreciating Religion?

In light of the recent Sikh temple shooting, the American Academy of Religion posted this on their Facebook page: The AAR is shocked by the deadly shooting in the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. Our thoughts are with the victims and … Continue reading

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NASA, the Mayan Apocalypse, and the Study of Non-Events

By Matt Sheedy A recent article posted on the Scientific American website entitled, “NASA Crushes 2012 Mayan Apocalypse Claims,” provides a good example of what is wrong with common secular approaches to religion in the public sphere. The article features … Continue reading

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Picture Book: Tears of the Damned

I recently saw this image at Graph Jam: What I found interesting about the image is its ambivalence—it’s genuinely unclear to me how this image is supposed to be read. Consider these two options: The image is recommending that we … Continue reading

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Profile Me: The Confederate Flag, Shame, and White Male Terror

In spring of 2011, Asra Nomani suggested that ethnic profiling of Muslim Americans was a legal and moral imperative given her community’s failure to adequately police itself.  A year later, she stepped forward and called for expanded surveillance inside her … Continue reading

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The Potent Instability of Religion & Magic

In November 2007, during one of the worst droughts in Georgia history, then-Governor Sonny Purdue “stepped up to a podium outside the state Capitol… and led a solemn crowd of several hundred people in a prayer for rain on his … Continue reading

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