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Religion as Foreign Policy: The Russian Orthodox Church, Syria, and the Christian Community

The New York Times recently reported that the Russian Orthodox Church is mirroring the political position of Russian president Vladimir Putin in its approach to the civil war in Syria: taking a hard-line stance in favor of the Syrian president, … Continue reading

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Identity or Affiliation: To Share or Not to Share?

I want to pose a question to professors in religious studies: do you share your “religious” identity or affiliation (or disaffiliation) with students? Why or why not? Have you had positive of negative experiences as a result of sharing? I … Continue reading

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Hollywood Images as Religious Resources

Towards the end of her fine essay in Mark C. Taylor’s Critical Terms for Religious Studies, Margaret R. Miles distinguishes between icons used in some Christian traditions (e.g., Eastern Orthodox) and the images of contemporary film. The latter, she argues, … Continue reading

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Right Reverend: Sex, Contraception, and the Episcopal Body

Since January of this year, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has been one of the most vocal critics of the Obama administration’s mandate that all non-church institutions (including Catholic-run hospitals and universities) must make contraception available as part … Continue reading

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Klansmen, Zombie Apocalypses, and End Times Narratives: Or, an Afternoon with Kelly J. Baker

Kelly Baker is a Lecturer of Religious Studies and American Studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In the following interview, Baker discusses her recent book, Gospel According to the Klan (University Press of Kansas, 2011), which, as her UT … Continue reading

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Scholarship From The Road: Southern India

By Deeksha Sivakumar I am currently in South India, conducting pre-dissertation fieldwork on some of the dolls commonly used in Bommai Golu. Golu is a tiered arrangement of dolls used to commemorate the South Indian version of the an annual … Continue reading

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Is Islamophobia Racism?

Short answer: Yes. The long answer: So you remember Don Imus? The sports commentator who called the teenage girls of the Rutgers basketball team “nappy-headed hoes” and was dropped from NBC? How about Michael Richards—the guy who played Kramer on … Continue reading

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