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The Religious Life Stories Project

By Suzanne Degnats We do ourselves and religious study generally a disservice when we assume stereotypical unities that do not exist, and at the same time overlook phenomenological unities that do. Narratives are windows into the real worlds in which … Continue reading

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Being a “Good Christian” at Bob Jones University

By Tim Morgan Christopher Peterman, a now-expelled 23-year-old Bob Jones University student, initially entered the conservative Christian institution embracing its strict rules. They were “exactly what he signed up for,” according to this news report. Ostensibly, he flouted a few … Continue reading

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What Ales the Hindu Community… Kali-Ma Beer?

By Deeksha Sivakumar As early as next week, Burnside Brewery in Portland Oregon planned to release a spiced wheat beer, “Kali-Ma”.  Needless to say, the ‘cultural theft’ of a popular demonic form of a Hindu goddess has rubbed a number … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Theory and Politics in the Classroom

By Matt Sheedy A recent thread on Facebook got me thinking about how scholars/instructors negotiate the boundaries between theory and politics and how these lines are always a little blurry, even at the best of times. Tim Murphy offers one … Continue reading

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Are We Teaching Students How to Research?

When I started my college career I took introductory composition courses that taught me how to do “research.” I learned how to go to the library, how to search online databases for articles and books on my topic, how to … Continue reading

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Field Notes: News and Announcements in the Discipline

We are pleased to launch a new section in the Bulletin for the Study of Religion. As of our April issue, we are now including “Field Notes” in future issues, thereby offering a venue to inform readers of possible opportunities … Continue reading

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Arranging Marriages in the Age of Online-Speed-Dating and Soul Mates

By Deeksha Sivakumar The idea of arranging marriages seems like an exotic thing even for modern Indians who see their relationship problems as very different from those of their parents’. India has changed considerably over the past few decades. Indian … Continue reading

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