Now Published – April Issue of the Bulletin for the Study of Religion

The most recent issue of the Bulletin has been released, both online and in print versions. The April issue brings together a set of articles on the theme of gender and religion, organized by our associate editor Kirstine Munk. Thank you Kirstine for your hard work!

This issue includes a sample of the book notes that have been appearing here on the Bulletin’s blog. We invite those interested in contributing to the BookNotes to contact the editors. And this issue includes a new feature of the Bulletin, the “Field Notes” – which will include announcements, call for papers, etc. that are of interest to the discipline of religious studies. We encourage readers to send us such announcements for inclusion in this new section as well as for posting here on the blog.


Bulletin for the Study of Religion Volume 41, Number 2 – April 2012

Editorial: New Challenges, New Directions, by Philip L. Tite

“The Stars Down to Earth”: Why Educated Women in the Western World Use Astrology, by Kirstine Munk

Sexual Liberality as Othering: The Case of Islam in Late Antiquity and Modernity, by Thomas Hoffmann

Romania’s Saving Angels: “New Men,” Orthodoxy, and Blood Mysticism in the Legionary Movement, by Cecilie Endresen

Christus Virgo: Representations of Christ as a Virgin in Early Christianity and Late Antiquity, by Sissel Undheim

Divinity Manifest in a Female Body: Guglielma of Milan as the Holy Spirit, Female Deity, and Female Leadership in the Later Middle Ages, by Britt Istoft

Online: SORAAAD Book Notes with the Bulletin

Field Notes: News and Announcements in the Discipline

Announcement: Reed M. N. Weep Retirement


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