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Iraqi Emos

By Joesph Laycock Since February, disturbing reports have come out of Iraq that Shiite militia groups have been killing “emo” youth.  Between 50 and 100 young men have been killed, typically in “stonings” in which the victim’s head is crushed … Continue reading

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Indian Child-Tossing Ritual and Selective Social Outrage

By Deeksha Sivakumar Which children should we save? On the one hand, the Bagalkot baby-tossing ritual has no recorded deaths and yet receives abhorrence. Audience members tweeted and emailed NDTV that they were appalled at the State’s lack of regulation … Continue reading

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Some responses to “Qur’anic Reading as Embodied Practice”

I had a few responses to Summar Shoaib’s “Qur’anic Reading as Embodied Practice“. The first response concerns the opposition which the piece creates between traditional Islamic and so-called “Western” modes of reading. These two great abstractions (the traditional Islamic and the Western) are of course immensely … Continue reading

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Qur’anic Reading as Embodied Practice

By Summar Shoaib In Western traditions, whether religious or scholarly, reading and meaning are typically understood in solely cognitive terms, as a matter of extracting content from a text by way of the mind’s interpretive efforts. In traditional Islamic worlds, … Continue reading

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Painted Nails: Sexism, Privilege, and Desire

Every semester my students execute a deviance project in my “Introduction to Religion” course. I lecture on Pierre Bourdieu’s social theory and the concept of “habitus,” and we talk at length about how social codes are linked with social positions. … Continue reading

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The Journal of the American Academy of Religion: An Interview with Amir Hussain (Part Three of Three)

Interview by Philip L. Tite This is the third, and final, installment of an interview conducted with Professor Amir Hussain, the new editor of the  Journal of the American Academy of Religion. Be sure to read Parts One and Two. … Continue reading

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Is Religion “Different Enough”?

As I discussed in an earlier Bulletin post, in defending the continued employment of “religion” as analytically distinct interpretive category, scholars such as Ivan Strenski argue that, relative to other modes of human behavior, what we typically identify as religion … Continue reading

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