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Studying Faith: Why People Take the Academic Dive

By Brooke Folliot (Guest Contributor) College-level theology and religion courses, whether offered as part of a degree program or on a per-course basis, have long been popular with those seeking to understand a particular faith. Increasingly, however, people who already … Continue reading

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Devotional Islamic Anti-Terrorism

By Summar Shoaib After Taliban militants kidnapped three Sikh men and beheaded one of them in Pakistan in 2010, Muhammad Khurshid Khan, the deputy attorney general of Pakistan, has taken up shining the shoes of worshipers at the Sikh Golden … Continue reading

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Embodying Identity: Instructor As Object Lesson

By Kelly J. Baker “I am implicated in the body ideologies analyzed herein.”—R. Marie Griffith, Born Again Bodies In my 300 level Religions in the U.S. course, I combine my scholarly interest in the methods for studying American religions with … Continue reading

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CALL FOR PAPERS – Salvage and Salvation: Religion, Disaster Relief, and Reconstruction in Asia.

CALL FOR PAPERS – Salvage and Salvation: Religion, Disaster Relief, and Reconstruction in Asia. Dates: 22 (Thursday) and 23 (Friday) November 2012 Venue: Asia Research Institute, Seminar Room, Tower Block Level 10, 469A Bukit Timah Road, National University of Singapore, … Continue reading

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On Hijabs and Hoodies in Contemporary America

By Summar Shoaib Less than a month after the killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida, Shaima Alawadi, an Iraqi immigrant living with her five children and husband, was found beaten to death in her San Diego home. A note found … Continue reading

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Santorum: The neologism that dare not speak its name

By Matt Sheedy I trust that most readers are familiar with the meaning of “Santorum.” I am referring here not to the (alas) former Republican presidential candidate, but to the infamous neologism created in his honor, which I dare not speak … Continue reading

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SORAAAD BookNotes with the Bulletin: Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp: Setting Down the Sacred Past: American Race Histories

By Ipsita Chatterjea In this book, Maffly- Kipp presents the genre of religious denominational histories, memoirs and other publications as carriers of a trans-Atlantic African-Christian consciousness and collective narrative. Framed by the emergence of the black denominations at the end … Continue reading

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