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Marines Teach “True” Islam in Afghanistan

The following is a guest post from Cris, a Ph.D. student in Anthropology at the University of Colorado-Boulder. This post originally appeared 30 August at his blog, Genealogy of Religion. ********** It is always a sign of war going badly … Continue reading

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On the “Softening of Religiosity” and “Invisible Religion”

Nathan’s post yesterday reminded me of a passage in Thomas Luckmann’s The Invisible Religion (1967), in which Luckmann excoriates middle-twentieth century sociology of religion for falling down on the job. His comments are worth consideration: The new sociology of religion … Continue reading

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“A softening of religiosity” in America

In a two-week-old Associated Press story, Mark Chaves is quoted at length as saying that a “decline,” or at least a “softening,” is concealed behind the apparent resurgence in American religion over the past few decades. Chaves, a sociologist of … Continue reading

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The Nature and Function of the Religious Studies Book Review (Part 2 of 3): Functional Value of the Book Review

By Philip L. Tite Continuing from Part 1 of this essay, where suggestions on how to write or structure a book review were offered, this entry explores the functional aspects of the religious studies book review, with the final entry … Continue reading

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