The Most Embarrassing Book Meme

I was tagged by Deane when he shared his most embarrassing book. Since I’m the one who prompted him to participate in this meme in the first place, I suppose I’m obligated. The problem is that I have so many embarrassing books in my office. Here are several of them.

First, I have a copy of Schonfield’s The Passover Plot, but in my defense I don’t know when or where I picked it up. Seriously; no idea. So I obviously can’t be held responsible for it.

I also own a copy of Peterson’s “paraphrase” (that word really needs those scare quotes) of the New Testament, called The Message. This one I am responsible for, but it was a youthful indiscretion. I didn’t know any better at the time.

This book is great for illustrating liberal forms of Islam—in this book wearing a headscarf is merely a “choice” Muslims needn’t but may make. But let’s be frank: it’s a book aimed at 13-year-old girls, and it would be pretty embarrassing if someone didn’t understand that this is nothing more than a source of data for my research. Honest. I promise. Nothing more. I didn’t enjoy reading it at all.

I’m embarrassed that I own anything by Armstrong. This is, unfortunately, one of two books of hers that I own.

This one is embarrassing because it was silly to think I would ever really use it to “practice my German.” What was I thinking?

This one is embarrassing, because … um … well … I’ll let you look up a description of the book for yourself …

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  1. Deane Galbraith says:


  2. William Arnal says:

    I have the Passover Plot too!

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