November 2010 Biblical Studies Carnival – Call for Submissions

The Biblical Studies Carnival is a monthly blog carnival which has been running (albeit with a few interruptions) since April 2005. It collects and showcases a selection of posts on academic biblical studies, and is normally run by a different biblical studies blogger (“biblioblogger“) each month. It features biblical studies of all specializations, interests, and points of view, whether composed by academics, students, or keen amateurs. Following on from the Bulletin for the Study of Religion’s recent special edition on biblioblogging (which as Tim Bulkeley kindly pointed out, is available by subscription only), Religion Bulletin will be hosting the November 2010 Biblical Studies Carnival (LVII or נז) on December 1, 2010.

So – I’m calling for your submissions of blog posts on academic biblical studies during the month of November. You can make your submission at any time during the month by emailing it to deanegalbraith [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] nz. Feel free to submit your own post or even somebody else’s, and submit as many posts as you like. Just remember to at least include the URL and the name of the individual blog post.

Currently, the Biblical Studies Carnivals are coordinated by Jim West (Zwinglius Redivivus). The latest Carnival (for October 2010) is available at ξἐνος (Xenos), and you can volunteer to host a future carnival by emailing Jim.

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  1. steph says:

    I’ve booked a front row seat in the grandstand… 😀

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