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When We Forget Our Roots

by Aaron Hughes I have been asked to respond to Rachel Fulton Brown’s piece at the University of Chicago Divinity’s School Sightings. I’ll leave it to others to adjudicate her political leanings or apparent support for Milo Yiannopoulos’ cross-country speaking … Continue reading

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Better Know a Religion Blog: Sightings

In this series with the Bulletin–whose title is a play on Stephen Colbert’s “Better Know a District” segment, and whose alternate title is “Religious Studies Blogs: What do they talk about? Do they talk about things? Let’s find out!” (from BoJack Horseman)–we ask blog … Continue reading

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“White Devils” and the U of Chicago Shooting Threat

by Joel A. Brown Note: this post originally appeared on the author’s blog. Yesterday was kind of like a snow day for me. Classes at the University of Chicago were cancelled and the campus was shut down out of concern for … Continue reading

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NAASR Notes: Adam T. Miller

by Adam T. Miller NAASR Notes is a feature with the Bulletin where we invite members of the North American Association for the Study of Religion to describe books they are reading and/or research and writing projects that will be … Continue reading

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Theses on Professionalization: Andrew Durdin

In this series with the Bulletin, we have asked 21 early career scholars to weigh in on Russell McCutcheon’s Theses on Professionalization, first published in 2007. In his 21 theses, McCutcheon offers advice to young scholars entering (or soon to enter) the job … Continue reading

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