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This Modern Life

by Russell McCutcheon * Note: this post originally appeared on the Practicum, Theory, Religion, and Pedagogy blog. There’s a—in my opinion—facile approach to binaries that now seems to be all the rage: binaries are bad, we’re told, and we somehow … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Structuralism: An Interview with Paul-François Tremlett (Part 2)

I interviewed Paul-François Tremlett in early 2012, hoping to draw out some of the links between his 2008 book Lévi-Strauss on Religion: The Structuring Mind (Equinox Publishing) and the relevance of the anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss for the contemporary study of … Continue reading

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Laptops and theory in the Religious Studies classroom

Do you let your students bring their laptops to class? Personally, I’m torn. I love gadgets and hate to sound like a Luddite, but most of the research I’ve seen — not to mention my own experience — suggests that … Continue reading

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