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It’s Cold as *$#%! How Cold? Colder than Mars!

by Matt Sheedy Talk about the unusually cold weather in North America (U.S. and Canadian parts, that is) is all the rage of late in mainstream and social media, what with record cold in the Southern U.S., thousands of cancelled flights, and … Continue reading

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Our Peculiar Institution: American Protestantism, Shame, and McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave (film review essay)

by Donovan Schaefer Warning: Spoilers but you kind of already know what happens Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave is mandatory viewing for Americans, unblinkingly revisiting a crucial and painful chapter in US history and helping to flesh out the … Continue reading

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On “Evidence” in American Religions: Historical Cookbooks

Editor’s Note: In the recent issue of the Bulletin for the Study of Religion, Emily Bailey published her reflections as part of a special issue on “evidence” in American religions, which, as Kelly Baker summarizes it, “provides a close and careful analysis of … Continue reading

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Scholarship From The Road: Belief, Practice and the Story of Andal

By Deeksha Sivakumar “The women of Ayodhya run eagerly to see the procession to Sita’s house… their hair fell loose, open on all sides, their waist girdles come undone, they do not even stop to cover their breasts… as they … Continue reading

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Taking a Stab at Explaining Weber

I started my lecture yesterday by scanning the faces in the classroom and scrutinizing a few as a I panned across. Then I declared, “Wow. Someone in this room is going to be really, really embarrassed when they discover the … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Bible?

In a recent piece for CNN’s religion blog, “Actually, that’s not in the Bible,” John Blake examines the ubiquity of “phantom scripture” in American Christian communities. By “phantom scripture” he means ideas, teachings, and passages that sound like they belong in the Bible–e.g., … Continue reading

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