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Independence Day: American Christianity and Why Liberals Aren’t Liberal (Stanley Hauerwas)

by Donovan Schaefer A few days before Independence Day, Duke Divinity School ethicist Stanley Hauerwas published a long article on the Australian Broadcasting Company’s “Religion and Ethics” blog.  In it, he argues for a reconsideration of Catholicism against the backdrop … Continue reading

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Jürgen Habermas and the Study of Religion – Part 3

By Matt Sheedy As I noted in my last post, Habermas defines religion along the lines of traditional worldviews or “strong” traditions that raise particular claims to truth based on things like moral principles and cosmological ideas about salvation that … Continue reading

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Picture Book: Marriage and Donuts

I recently saw this image on Facebook (it was shared by George Takei, whose Facebook feed is pretty entertaining): While I am personally in favor of passing laws that benefit the interests of gays and lesbians, this comparison of gay … Continue reading

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Liberal Doxa and the Burning of the Qur’an

By Matt Sheedy Much ado has been made over the recent Qur’an burning at the Bagram air base in Afghanistan, and the ensuing riots that took approximately 34 lives, with mainstream narratives falling along the familiar liberal and conservative lines. … Continue reading

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SORAAAD BookNotes with the Bulletin: Randall Styers, Making Magic

This week’s book note looks at another discussion of magic, Randall Styers’ Making Magic: Religion, Magic, and Science in the Modern World (New York: Oxford University Press, 2004). Styers is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of … Continue reading

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Liberal Apocalypticism

In an earlier Bulletin post, I discussed briefly the emergence of “Prepper” subculture, that is, largely white, middle-class Americans who, out of a conviction that society stands on the brink of collapse, are stockpiling food, weapons, ammunition, and supplies of … Continue reading

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Durkheim Disappoints

Upon rereading the main body of Durkheim’s Division of Labor in Society I was struck at how subtle and sophisticated he is. I thought I had remembered—from my previous experience with this material—that he used a superficial freedom/constraint binary. However, as … Continue reading

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